11 December 2014

Review: Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara

Hello! ~I am sorry for having been absent for so long, but I have not given up on blogging. I just really don't have much time lately. Neither to review products nor to even try them out. I didn't even find much time to look what new products are out there, so I will try catching up with some of my older products for now. I'll start with the Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara. This is another product that was  was kindly sponsored to me by W2Beauty, a store specializing on Korean beauty products.

 Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara Review
 Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara Review

This mascara comes in a cute black and pink packing in a cardoard box and holds 9.5g of product. It is a black mascara and, as far as I know, not available in any other colors. 

 Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara Review

The Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara is supposed to be volume-boosting and to be able to style your lashes in 3 different ways, depending on your settings. The upper part of the mascara can be twisted and there is an arrow with the writings "Step 1", "Step 2" and "Step 3" showing you which setting the mascara is in.

Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara Review
Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara Review

Step 1 is for "defined, clean volume". It is supposed to provides natural definition for everyday wear. Step 2 is for "Full, glamorous volume." It is supposed to add even more volume. Step 3 is for "Dramatic, smoky volume", creating big and bold lashes.
I admit that that I was - and still am - very sceptical about whether there is really any point in twisting the mascara. Is there really some kind of tricky mechanism behind it, or is it just all for show and all you are really doing is adding 3 coats of the very same mascara to your lashes. I am tending towards thinking the latter. 

Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara Review
So, let's try out how it works. In the upper left corner you can see my lashes without any mascara. My lashes are rather long, but very thin. I do like the effect with one coat of "Step 1". It still looks very natural, could almost pass as "no-mascara"-look, but you can see that they seem a bit longer and more defined.

Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara Review

Step 2 makes my lashes very dark and bold. They also appear even longer, but unfortunately not fuller. This actually still looks good for afar, but I feel like, if you get up too close, the lashes don't look all that great anymore, because they stick together and it looks like I had thicker lashes, but fewer of them. Still an okay look, and if you have full lashes to begin with, this probably looks great, but it's not my most favorite look.

Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara Review

Step 3 doesn't really look any better. There isn't much different between Step 2, only that they stick together even more and appear clogged up. I don't think this is a very good look.

Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara Mascara Review

I already posted this photo in a previous circle lens review and as you can see, it doens't look so bad from further away and your lashes really appear very prominent, but close up it looks really poor:

For me the 3-Step thing just doesn't seem to work. There are too many layers of mascara on my lashes. I've read in other reviews that the problem is that you have to apply the 3 coats really fast, because it only starts looking bad if one layer starts drying up and you apply the next over it then, but I couldn't make this work either way. However, I absolutely do love this mascara if I use one simple coat only, because I like how it makes my lashes look better, but still natural. I would even consider re-purchasing this mascara and continue using it like this, just this fancy 3-step-stuff isn't my cup of tea.

Using this as a normal 1-coat mascara, it gives a pretty, yet very natural lookLengthens lashes

Second and 3rd layer makes lashes stick together if you don't apply fast enough

27 October 2014

Review: ElishaCoy Vitamin Pore Cleanser

Hello! ~ Today I will review the ElishaCoy Vitamin Pore Cleanser for you. This cleanser comes in a white cardbox packing with small portulaca flowers on it. The actual tube the product comes in holds 120ml of product and is light blue with a silver holographic ElishaCoy logo on it. It looks simple, but very high quality-like.

The reason why I picked this cleanser is because it promises to be a cleanser for problematic skin, which prevents black heads, cleans pores and offers oil control, while at the same time it is supposed to be hypoallergic and clean your skin gently without causing any irritations. If you followed my past reviews you might now that I have the very unfortunate combination of having very oily and troubled skins with lots of breakouts, but at the same time also have very sensitive skin, which is prone to rash and more breakouts due to allergic reaction. Since usually products for troubled skin are very harsh, this product sounded like something I should try out.

Main ingredients of the ElishaCoy Vitamin Pore Cleanser are  Panthenol (Vitamin B5),  Niacinamide (VitaminB3)  Tocopheryl acetate (VitaminE), Salicylic acid , Aloe Vera leaf extract and portulaca flowers extract. The vitamines provide nourishment to the skin and mild, small blue granules remove waste from your skin.

I was really content with this cleanser, because it keeps up to its promises: It is very mild, doesn't cause any irritationa, not even a stinging feeling in my eyes when using it to remove my eye makeup. At the same time it seems extremely efficient. Just applying a bit of it and mixing it with water creates a decent lather and removes my makeup completely. But what's best of all is that my overall skin condition actually got better! I can't say that it was a 180° improvement, but it was still a visible one, with clearly less blackheads around my nose area and overall less new pimples then usual. I am very pleased with this product and can recommend it.

Very mild product
No irritations
Very efficient
Reduces blackheads and pimples
Nice packing
English decription

Hard to squeeze product out of tube when there isn't much content left

03 October 2014

Review: GEO Geolica Euro Celine Blue Circle Lenses

Hello! ~ This is a review of the GEO Geolica Euro Celine Blue Circle Lenses. These lenses were kindly sponsored to me by Geo Coloured Lenses for review purpose. Geolica is a fairly new collection by GEO Meidcal and there are two Geolica lines available: Geolica Euro Circle and Geolica Euro Celine. I already had the chance to try out lenses from the Euro Circle line and you can read my review of them here.

GEO Geolica Euro Celine Blue Circle Lenses Review

Soft Contact Lens
Water Content:
Base Curve:
GEO Medical
1 Month

GEO Geolica Euro Celine Blue Circle Lenses Review

The GEO Geolica lenses don't come in vial bottles, but in a beautiful and elegant cardbox packing and blisters, which are so much easier to open than the bottles. I really prefer this kind of packing.

GEO Geolica Euro Celine Blue Circle Lenses Review
Design: The Geloica Euro Celine Lenses have a very natural design that is close to the natural appearance of an iris. There is neither any fancy pattern, nor any darker circle around them. Unless you look at them from really close, you could not tell that anyone wearing them was wearing lenses at all.

GEO Geolica Euro Celine Blue Circle Lenses Review

Color: The color of them is just stunning! It is an amazing light blue. At the inner edges of the blue color, there is a fading yellowish circle, which makes them blend in with my natural green eyes quite well. I suppose that, because of that yellowish circle, they will also blend well with brown eyes.

GEO Geolica Euro Celine Blue Circle Lenses Review

Enlargement: There really isn't any noticeable enlargement in my opinion. With a diameter of only 14.2mm, they are about the same size as my natural iris. While the Euro Circle line was the same size, the lenses had a darker circle around them, which at least give a minimal visual enlargement effect, but the light Celine lenses are much lighter in color, and therefore don't have any enlargement, neither real nor apparent.

GEO Geolica Euro Celine Blue Circle Lenses Review

Comfort: I expected them to have the exact same comfort as the Euro Circle line - which was so great that I could not notice them in my eyes at all - but unfortunately this is not the case.  The comfort is still very good. They don't feel like a foreign object when wearing them, but my eyes start to feel a bit tired after wearing the lenses for a while. 

I love the natural design and the color. They are perfect for people who just want to change their eye color, without having people notice that they are wearing lenses at once. For my personal taste they are a bit too small though, as I like circle lenses the most for their enlargement.
If these new GEO lenses caught your interest you can purchase them from Geo Coloured Lenses here.


23 September 2014

Review: Etude House Color My Brows #3 Red Brown

Hello!~ This is a review of the Etude House Color My Brows eyebrow mascara in the shade #3 Red Brown. I already had this product in #2 Light brown and wrote a review about it here

The mascara comes in a paper packing and contains 4.5g of product. It is a bit smaller than a common eyelash mascara. 
Eyebrow mascaras are awesome if you dye your hair and you eyebrows are a different shade than the hair on your head. Of course you can also dye your eyebrowns, I tried that, but since my eyebrows grow so fast, I would have to dye them every 3 days, which isn't an acceptable option for me, so I like using eyebrow mascaras. Not only can they change the color of your eyebrows, they can also help keeping your eyebrows in order or fill out empty spaces

Since the eyebrow mascara is smaller than a normal mascara, the brush is also smaller and just the right size for eyebrows. 
#3 Red Brown is exactly what the name says: A reddish brown. I did not have much of a problem handling the #2 Light Brown shade, probably because the shade was much lighter than my natural browns. But with #3 Red Brown I have the feeling that I was getting way too much of the product on the brush. It made application hard and the result sometimes messy. My eyebrows often turned out looking very dark and bold. Most of all I had the feeling that there was way too much product getting on the area of my eyebrows where I started applying the mascara. It turned out to be much easier to use when I whipped the brush on a tissue paper before applying the mascara, but you waste quite a lot of product like this, so the mascara did not last long. When there wasn't much of the product left in the mascara, application was also much easier.

I like the color a lot and, even though you cannot see it in the photos, it matches my hair color really well. However, I think the brush collects way too much of the product for an easy application and even result

Affordable price
Nice color

Brush collects too much of the product
Even application difficult