22 May 2012

Review: Etude House Be Clear Moisturizer

Hello ~
Today I want to make a brief review about the Etude House Be Clear Moisturizer.
This moisturizing cream originally comes in a 120ml bottle. My review is based on samples of this product.

Product Information: 
Be Clear Moisturizer SPF30/PA++ has the paper mulberry extract, which makes the skin clean and transparent, and the patented ingredient of whitening beauty expenses composite containing natural vitamins. It removes dead skin cells with dark tone and wastes effectively and supplies plentiful moisture. So, it is a double functional moisturize (whitening + sun protection) which makes the skin clean and fair.
The active ingredients are arnica, pineapple, kiwi and lady's mantle. The Be Clear Moisturizer is  paraben and mineral oil free. The lack of mineral oil is great for oily skin, because it usually makes the texture greasy (and there is also some debate of whether mineral oil is causing health threats) and paraben is suspected to cause cancer.

Etude House Be Clear Moisturizer review

I try to avoid moisturizers, because they usually make an even greater mess of my oily skin. But despite having oily skin, I still have dry patches from time to time or my skin gets red and rough because of various harsh products I try using against my regular breakouts, so a moisturizers is still necessary from time to time.

The Etude House Be Clear moisturizers surprised me pleasantly. 
The texture is rich, pure white liquid and not the slightest bit greasy. When you apply the product to your face it soaks in immediately. The skin feels smooth and moist, but not oily at all. Still the moisturizing effect is only so-so in my opinion. My dry patches don't disappear in a way they would with a oily cream, but I still prefer it this way around.
There is a faint scent to the product that reminds me of sunscreen, which probably results from the high SPF/PA, but other than that it is scent-free.

Be Clear Moisturizer

I cannot say much about the whitening function of the Be Clear moisturizer. I am pale enough as it is and don't really desire to get even lighter, don't even think it is possible, but I had the feeling that my skin shade looked a bit dull lately and upon using the Be Clear moisturizer my skin appeared a bit fresher-looking to me an its redness seemed to have toned down a bit. But that could also be because of the strong white color of the moisturizer.
The Etude House Be Clear Moisturizer is a product I would consider purchasing for sure. 


  1. wow the product sounds really nice :) I think I´ll try this out too ^-^

  2. The bottle and applicator look very nice~ ^^ Thanks for the review! ♥ Where did you get this one?

    1. I am afraid I do not remember, got it along with one of my many purchases. Sorry. ;_;

  3. The packaging is really pretty! Thanks for the review =)

  4. i also have a sampler of the this one, reading your review i want to give it a try :D i also have oily skin =_= but dry eyelids

  5. I have the sample size but haven't had time yet to review it.

  6. When I use it? in morning or night?
    can I use this in the morning before I use bb cream?

    1. I think you can use it for both. I used it for the night because I do not like having additional porducts under my BB Cream. BB Creams are already multi-functional creams and often also contain moisturizers.

  7. should we use the toner too? what is the different function of the toner and the moisturizer? and when we use the toner?

    1. I never had the toner and am not familiar with what it is good for, so I would not know.
      Usually brands advice you to use all their products from one line. I guess it depends on your personal preference. Personally I prefer using only one product.

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