26 February 2013

Review: Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact

Hello! ~
The rest of my ordered Etude House Sweet Recipe products arrived, so I can continue with my reviews. This time I want to review the Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact.
If it isn't easy to figure out what this product is - It's a baked face powder. This comes just in time for me, as my current powder, the beloved 12 Plus Miracle BB Powder, has hit pan a while ago and I needed a new one anyway.

The Etude House Sweet Recipe powder is available in 2 shades, #2 Choco Chip and #1 Almond Chip. Almond Chip, the one I got, is a light beige shaded powder with light beige dots. Choco Chip seems to be a yellow shade with light brown dots. I think Almond Chip looks a bit unhealthy as a skintone, so I am curious to see some possible reviews of it, but I will stay away from it.

2013 Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact Powder Review
2013 Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact Powder Review
2013 Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact Review Swatch

Packing: The Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact contains 14g (0.49 oz.) and comes in a round cardboard pot, which again comes in a cardboard box. Both are pink with white stripes and a cookie printed on it. It looks super super cute. I can't stop drooling over it. I like the packing even much more than the one of the Sweet Recipe Chocolate Smudge Liner, which came in a transparent plastic packing. I am a bit irritated that not only the outer packing, but the product packing itself is made of cardboard. It looks quite solid and I really prefer the look and feel of it over plastic, but it I think it is much more sensitive to damage and probably also not suitable for carrying it around with you in your purse. The cardboard might easily get smashed in, and you cannot wash it without soaking it wet should it get dirty. Since I don't plan on carrying it around with me it should be fine. 
There is also a powder puff included in the packing, though it's a boring one. If I was designer for Etude products, I would have imprinted a cookie chip pattern on it! I don't really see me using the puff, but will use my powder brush, which works fine for me even with pressed/baked powder for a more natural appearance.

2013 Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact Powder Description

What Etude House says about this:
You're invited to the Sweet Cookie House with irresistible desserts and delicious colors. Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact.
This baked face powder with chips of illuminating pearls creates a smooth and radiant complexion.
Recipe for Smooth & Radiant Skin:
You need...Sweet recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact, 1 Spoon of Smoothness, 2 Spoons of Radiance
Direction: Press into Pact with powder puff and sweep gently over the entire face.
Scent: If you take a look at the ingredient list, which is luckily also imprinted in English, you will find all kinds of food/sweets ingredients on it, like peach, macadamia oil, anise or strawberries! Hmm... yummy! And now comes the craziest part. Did you see it coming? THE POWDER SMELLS LIKE COOKIES! Oh my gosh, who came up with this? I am not sure whether this is the most amazing thing ever or a catastrophe. I want to eat my face! Don't worry though, you won't have the smell of cookies in your nose all day after using this. The scent volatilizes almost instantly on your face.

2013 Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact Powder Review
2013 Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact Powder Review
2013 Etude House Sweet Recipe Almond Chip Cookie Pact Powder Review

Color: My greatest fear was that, since Etude described this as a powder for a "radiant complexion" and the "choco chips" dots are made of "illuminating pearls", the powder would turn me into a sparkling vampire like their Etoinette Crystal Powder. Luckily this isn't the case. The white dots are shimmering, but when mixed together with the powder and applied on the face you don't have noticeable shimmer on your face anymore. The shade is quite lighter than what I had expected, and, when swatched appears yellow-shaded. (Makes me wonder how the Choco Chip one really looks considering it looks so much more yellow/gray-toned on the product photos.) However, it does adjust to my (rather pale) skin tone quite well, so this is definitely something for my pale fellows. 

Coverage/ Oil-control: I never tried using it with the puff that comes with it, but with my powder brush and you can get the powder on the brush quite easily. You even have to be careful not to take too much of it or you might end up looking caked (no pun intended). The coverage is quite good too, so this isn't a powder just for a matte finish or for fixing your BB Cream/foundation, but also works well for an additional cover-up of possible blemishes.
For my extremely oily skin the oil-control is average, but I think it might do quite well on normal skin.

Overall this is quite a pleasant and solid product. The package design is amazing, the scent is sweet, but (at least to me) pleasant and the powder does what it is supposed to do.


  1. I really like all Sweet recipe products! I have a few already but I haven't tried this yet. Can you show us a photo of the puff that came with it?

  2. Omg, How cute! I would like to try it out!

  3. It is sadly eally just a white standard puff, That's why I did not include any photos in the post. Here it is:

  4. I see ^^; It is a disappointing but oh well ^^ Thank you for the photo!

  5. Seems like a good buy! Powder with illuminating pearls is not such a bad idea unless if it makes your face shine like "your face looks oily" shine. Plus, the scent.. well if it smells like a cookie then I might just have to eat my face too lol. :p

  6. When you mentioned that the cookie pact actually smells like cookie, I was stunned..
    If I may ask, what is your skin tone? I am in between NC 15 and NC 20 I believe, but I don't want to end up purchasing a pact that might be too light on my skin tone. T T

  7. I am afraid I have no clue what my skin tone is called like. I tried to google up what NC 15 and NC 20 looks like, and from the photos I saw online at least Mac NC20 looks way darker than my skin color. NC 15 seems to be pretty close to my skin tone, but I am just guessing around here as I am only seeing these tones on photos and it depends a lot on things like monitor settings.

    If you are unsure you could go for the darker Choco Chip version. I found a review with good photos here: http://midoriwrote.blogspot.ca/2013/02/etude-house-sweet-recipe-choco-chip.htmlc It doesn't look as yellow-shaded in real as it does on the product photos. The Almond Chip one is really light and in summer, when I get just a slight tan, it might even be too bright for me.

  8. Why is their packaging always sooo cute? <3.

  9. Do you think you could use it without a BB cream? Or is the coverage not good enough?

  10. That would probably depend on your skin and how much you need to cover up. I have a lot of blemishes, so for me just the powder isn't enough, especially since I have the feeling my face looks caked if I use too much of the powder. If your skin is in good condition and you just want to even out your skin color a bit it might be enough.

  11. the packaging is really to die for!!!

  12. I want to eat all of this collection (:


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