02 May 2013

Review: Etude House Ice Cream Nails #OR202 Peach

Hello! ~
I already reviewed the PP501 Blueberry  shade of this nail color here and will review the Etude House Ice Cream Nails in #OR202 Peach today.

I am not going into depths with the details, because content, texture, application and wear is pretty much the same as the other shade. A bit tricky to apply, full coverage with one layer, dries fast and lasts quite long.

OR202 Peach is a hard to describe shade, a mixture of peach and orange, but very "milky" and pastel colored looking. Kind of like a pastel salmon. Of the Ice Cream Nails nail colors I have so far this turned out to be my least favorite. The shade is okay, but I cannot really warm up to it and love it as much as the other shades I got. I think it's a bit too orange looking for me and thus more a pastel carrot shade than a peach shade.

Something that I did not write in my last review, but have to add here is that sadly the quality of the ice cone bottles isn't too great and the brush will often come off when you open the bottle, so that you will need to re-wind it and then it will stick to the cap again. It is not a huge deal, but still not something that should be happening! When it happened with the Blueberry one I thought that maybe just this one was defect, maybe due to transportation, but it is happening to me with all bottles.
Apart from the packing I am quite content with the quality of the Etude House Ice Cream Nails.

Next I will review the BR401 shade, I just have to see whether it also lasts as long on my nails since I only put it on today.


  1. hmmm.. don't really like the color, a bit too orange for me =/ sucks that the packaging aint that great. it looks cute though

  2. I actually quite like the colour :3 I'm not a fan of "regular" orange, but this pastel orange looks cute! That's too bad about the packaging though, luckily I didn't have that with my Etude House polish.

  3. I like the colour, very nice. :)

  4. Pretty ! love the color.. I think it will makes my skin more warmer :)

  5. Die Farbe gefällt mir schon besser :)


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