15 June 2013

Shopping: Taobao

Hello! ~ I want to share my latest Taobao Haul with you. This time I once again tried out some new shops. It's always a gamble with Taobao, but luckily everything went well regarding my Mori Girl clothing purchases. I made some other purchases that didn't go too well (like dog clothing where the measurements were completely off), but I don't think that is of interest to anyone here, so let's go straight to the clothing:

Taobao Mori Girl Clothes shopping at O2Lady

I bought this skirt from a store called O2Lady. They have many beautiful clothes and a lot of them are perfectly suitable for Mori Girl styles. If you are familiar with Tabobao then you might know that a great part of these clothes are manufactured specifically for a store, usually in Japan, with a Japanese label and price tag already attached to it. This store seems to sell products manufactured for a Korean store, because the label was all Korean. Since I cannot read any Korean I have no clue what store it was for. The quality is very good, the skirt is made out of some heavy quality material and looks just like the product photos. If I compare it to skirts that I have bought in Japan, or from Taobao stores that manufactured for Japan, I have the feeling that the skirt is a bit tighter around the waist area than other skirts. It still fits me well, but it isn't a super loose as some other skirts. I can recommend this store, though I think you should not be larger than M size to buy from them.

Axes Femme Taobao Mori Girl Clothes shopping at my quanquan

I was quite sceptical about the store I bought this shirt from, which is my quanquan. The reason why I was sceptical was because they claim that this shirt and many other of their products were Axes Femme products. If you don't know Axes Femme - It's a Japanese store that sells very beautiful and very high quality products, but is also rather expensive, at least for my taste. I only own one single Axes Femme item which I bought in Japan, it was on sale when I bought it and it was still one of the most expensive things I bought in Japan. Ever. So I was not sure whether this store really sells items manufactured for Axes Femme or whether they are replica. However, they claim that all of their photos in their store are 100% original product photos and I can attest to this after purchasing this shirt. It is extremely well made, looks exactly like on the photo and is of the very same good quality that I am used from Axes Femme products. Still not entirely sure whether it is really an original Axes Femme item or a replica amd shirt does not contain any label, but I am overly satisfied with it either way. The items in this store aren't exactly Mori Girl style clothes. I think a lot would be suitable for Country Lolita or even Gyaru fashion, so many items are, while very beautiful, not my cup of tea, but it's worth checking out for sure.

Taobao Mori Girl Clothes shopping at ayakaqjd

I bought this skirt from ayakaqjd, but as I had purchased from them before I knew I was getting a good quality item. I have seen this skirt being sold in a lot of different stores on Taobao, with a huge price difference, up to $50 or more. Ayakaqjd sells it for 117.00 yuan, which is around $20 and the cheapest I could find. The only thing I do not like is that the skirt is very heavy, so it falls really straight, but other than that it's great.

Taobao Mori Girl Clothes shopping at slxi Cawaii

This top was bought from slxi, another store I had not tried out before. This top is manufactured for the Japanese store Cawaii, and can also be found in several Taobao Stores. I just picked slxi, because it sold it for a way more reasonable price than the others. No complains here, a beautiful original Cawaii item.

I am, as always, eager to hear your Taobao Shop suggestions, though I have to stop shopping clothes there, because I have way too many already. (,_,)


  1. those were really cute clothes ^_~

  2. Awww I love mori girl! I really wish I could pull this style off :) post some coords! That first skirt is my fave. =)

  3. Your purchases are always so lovely! Indeed, buying from Taobao is a gamble, so I usually try to buy from those with reviews (although sometimes I just pick the cheapest one if there aren't any useful reviews from several stores about the same item. lol)

  4. I love all the items you bought, but the Axes Femme top is my favorite. It's so cute and pretty <3

  5. Those purchases are beautiful and very inspiring.

    I didn't know Taobao at all before visiting your blog. Is it a shopping platform like Etsy for exemple ? And is it in chinese only ? (If the langage is chinese, I wouldn't know, I'm an ignorant in that area...)

    I like more and more the Mori style everyday and I would like to include a little bit of it in my wardrobe (a detail here and there, for going for the full look would be difficult because of my work), but I really don't know where to purchase mori styled things on english speaking online shops... Would you happen to have some useful links ?

    Thank you for making such a beautiful and useful blog, it's been a long time since I find such an inspiring place to me.

  6. Taobao is not really like Etsy. If I had to describe it I would say it was more like Amazon, but they are also doing wholesale. It is chinese only and they only ship to China, so to buy from them you will need someone who will purchase for you and then ship the stuff to you, either a private person, or a Shopping service. There are quite a lot of chinese shopping services you can find through Google.
    I am afraid I do not really know any good English speaking online stores. I really only buy my clothes directly in Japan, or from Taobao. :( I am sorry I cannot be of any more help.

  7. Isabel Martin GonzalezJune 15, 2013 at 8:13 AM

    I love all the clothes. Do you Know others store in taobao?

  8. Yes, I listed all the Taobao stores I bought from in my previous Taobao Haul posts: http://www.gohalainn.net/search/label/Haul

  9. Thanks, I'm always on the lookout for new taobao shops, I never bought from taobao yet, but it's great having a list to know where to buy!

    And regarding the dog's clothing I was actually interested since I saw many cute things I'd like for my dogs but never bought because I was scared the sizing might be wrong...

  10. who do you use for your taobao shopping service?

  11. so lovely, specially the first skirt <3

  12. I use BuyChina, but they are not ideal. Sometimes their customer service is lacking, I was sent a wrong product once and it took me weeks to get a refund, sometimes the claim packings were sent, and then only sent it like a week later and so on. But what I like about them is that they give you the shipping costs beforehand. Sometimes they are quite high because they determine it by an "average" weight of a item category, but prefer it this way to most other shipping services, where you first pay the item and only get told your shipping costs later.

  13. Oh my god, these are beautiful *__*
    I'm on 'taobao hiatus'? Since I'd rather have them shipped straight to my country than here. I haven't visit any Kawaii Store but I bought two pieces of clothes from Wonder Rocket this week. This summer collection wasn't very exciting tho in my opinion .__.

  14. I'll have to try and find someone who can help me with chinese then, thank you for your answer ! :)

  15. Oh wow, ich mag irgendwie ... alles davon. T^T ♥

  16. That's so true and useful. That's where they always get in the shipping. I always end up paying more in shipping then I expect to. Do they have different types of shipping options or only EMS?

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