26 August 2013

Review: Holika Holika Daily Garden Green Tea Cleansing Foam

Hello! ~ I am on a Holika Holika trip lately, so here is another review of one of their products, the Holika Holika Daily Garden Green Tea Cleansing Foam. The Holika Holika Daily Garden line is available in Acerora (Vitalizing), Aloe (Mild & Calming), Green Tea (Refreshing, for Oily Skin), Lemon (Brightening) and Olive (Moisturizing, for dry skin). All contain 120ml of product. I picked the Green Tea type because I like green tea a lot as a skin care ingredient for trouble skin and because my skin is very oily. The product caught my attention because I liked the packing design with the leaves, birds and flowers (so Mori-like!) a lot, but after receiving it I really thought that it looked much better on the official product photos, because there the packing looked matte, but in real it is very shiny and comes across as looking rather cheap.

I have seen a different packing of this around, and think it got renewed only recently. I did not investigate into this nay further though, because the other packing looked worse than this.
The Daily Garden Green Tea Cleansing Foam is supposed to remove wastes on pores and sebum. Catechin & Polyphenol Green tea extracts are supposed to prevent skin trouble. The foam comes out of the tube as a light green, shimmering paste and has almost no scent at all. I would love to check the ingredient list, but sadly all text on the tube is in Korean only.

I have been using this for quite a while now and my skin reacts pretty well to it. It seems mild, yet at the same time works quite efficient as cleanser and is able to remove all of my basic daily makeup. It stings a bit if you accidental get some of the product into your eyes, but from my experience the cleansers that don't do that don't work too well at removing makup and you would need an additional cleanser or specific makeup-remover. My skin condition has also been pretty decent while I am using this. I am not sure whether it really toned down my skin's oilness, as that's really hard to measure and I am also using a lot of other oil-control products at the same time, but my breakouts haven't been as bad as with some other products. 
I have discovered that cleansing foams are the best type of facial cleansers for my skin in general, and this one does not disappoint me and I can recommend it for people with breakouts, yet sensitive skin.


  1. I have a very oily skin too!! :c
    Thanks for the review


  2. never saw this product before in Holika Holika stores! Maybe it changed the packaging already? Nice review!


  3. Yes, I think they look like this by now:

  4. wow thankyou! Now I can go and check them out in the stores! hehe but I don't know I liked the new one better (looking on the the picture) But I may disappointed like you were lol

  5. I'm waiting for the Acerola one to arrive, when I bought it I was between the Acerola and this one. Now I only hope it performs as good as yours!

    Thanks for this review!

  6. Love this review! I want to try it and much more asian beauty products. I like your blog, so here you have a new follower :)



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