13 September 2013

Review: The Face Shop Clean Face Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner

Hello! ~Today I will review the The Face Shop Clean Face Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner for you. This clarifying toner for blemished skin comes in a simple and rather medical looking 200ml bottle. Nothing exciting to be seen here, but then again The Face Shop isn't exactly a brand for fancy packing designs.

TheFaceShop Clean Face Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner Review
TheFaceShop Clean Face Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner Review
TheFaceShop Clean Face Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner Review

It contains no mineral oil, no alcohol and no synthetic fragrance, which is why the toner is pretty much scent free and I prefer it this way over strange artificial smells. Finding toners without alcohol is actually not so easy, especially when you are searching for products for skin with breakouts or oily skin, so I was pleased with this as alcohol is not good for very sensitive skin. The product looks blue in the bottle, but that's just because the bottle itself has a blueish hue. The toner itself is a clear liquid.

The Face Shop Clean Face Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner Review

The The Face Shop Clean Face Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner is a AHA/BHA toner - AHA is alpha hydroxy acid which is a type of acids that are derived from fruits, nuts, milk or sugars. They are have the ability to break down the bonds between cells for easier exfoliation. BHA is beta hydroxy acids (usually salicylic acid and what is used in this toner from what I could find out through google) extracted from various trees. It has the ability to  penetrate the oils in the skin and clear out follicles of excess debris and skin cells. It is a bit irritating how The Face Shop notes that the AHA and BHA in this toner are from "natural origin" when we are talking about ingredients that are always natural. It's like saying "natural origin water". It's the cosmetic industries attempt to pass a product as very good and healthy because it is "natural". I don't know much about AHA, but I know that salicylic acid is actually an ingredient that is for example used to dissolve callused skin on your feet and that, despite being natural, can be quite a harsh ingredient for sensitive skin. I have tried various products for acneic skin conditions containing salicylic acid and usually my skin reacted to it with an itchy rash. 
Luckily I did not have any such reactions to the The Face Shop Clean Face Blemish Zero Clarifying Toner. My overly sensitive skin reacts quite well to the toner. My skin feels refreshed, my breakouts are, while not completely gone, at a somewhat acceptable state (I have become very modest regarding breakouts. Beautiful clean skin is just not something that will ever happen to me.) and the toner gets absorbed by the skin fast, without leaving any kind of unpleasant film, feeling or scent.

Overall I think this is quite a good toner for acne type and yet sensitive skin, which can be a very tricky combination for skin care products, and I am considering to repurchase it, or try out other products from this line.


  1. Thanks for the review! I'l probably order this asap because I was looking for AHA-BHA toner without alchohol!

  2. Hmmm I definitely understand your struggle and irritation with the AHA and "natural" problem. I personally hate using skin products with harsh chemicals in them, but it's good that this one doesn't seem to irritate your skin! I might give it a try.


  3. I don't remember exactly, it has been a while since I bought it, but I suppose I spend between $10-$15 for it as that's usually the price range I pay for Korean skin care products.

  4. wow this product sounds promisisng for me... will you please give me the ingredient list? unfortunately i have sensitive skin so I always try to check the ingredient before I purchase...thanks a lot

  5. I am afraid I cannot help you - The bottle contains no full ingredient list at all!


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